Gypsy Breeze

Ice Cube Imports:  - Middle Eastern Dance Supplies importing an eclectic and oft-changing selection of dance  supplies for today's bellydancer, along with class/workshop/event listings for Manitoba, Canada

Zarade's 'Malocchio' Wear 

Akai Silks by Je'Sennia

Designs By Janie  - The home of the comfortable body stocking and so much more!  Our company motto is: "We sell only what we believe in."

T'Murr's Sparklers  - Hip Shawls designed and hand crocheted in the USA.

Madame X - Unique costume patterns, free costuming tips, and a costume sewers directory.

KittieSparkle: Sparklie Stuff for Dancers and Other Show-offs -  Costuming, imports and hand dyed silk veils, skirts and pants.  One of a kind costumes for the individualist.



Dancers, Troupes, and Teachers

Katarina Burda - Amazing instructor, musician, and director of the Aywah! Dance Company.

Flamenco Arts Northwest - Marcos and Rubina Carmona's informative website for flamenco dance, music, classes, and events in the Northwest. Rubina is my flamenco instructor, she is an inspiring and talented teacher and performer!

Ratna Roy's Orissi Dance Website - The fascinating art of East Indian Orissi Dance. Olympia, WA.

Kalalaya School of the Performing Arts - Dedicated to promoting the ancient dance art of Bharatha Natyam and Carnatic music. Bothell, WA.

Shoshanna - A unique performer, instructor, and troupe director from Arcata, on California's northern coast.

Mandala Tribal - - Tribal Instruction, Performance, Costumes & Accessories. 

inFusion - Tribal Fusion Belly Dance - A collective of talented belly dancers sharing their unique fusion of tribal, cabaret, and folkloric dances. Performs at events, restaurants, and clubs throughout Seattle and beyond.



The Tribal Belly Dance Webring - Source for tribal dancers, musicians, troupes, vendors, etc.

Gilded Lilies Henna Mendhi Body Art Website - The beautiful art of Mendhi, based in Seattle.

Raks Christina - Quality belly dance entertainment and classes in the Egyptian style in the
Chicago area.

Meera - Dances of India

Blue Lotus Tribe - An innovative and unique tribal fusion belly dance troupe in Chicago, IL and
Madison, WI

Ayshah - A cultural artist of the ancient art of Middle Eastern Bellydance. Ayshah performs Egyptian, Turkish, and American styles of Bellydance. Double veil is Ayshah's specialty.

Suzahna  - Middle Eastern Dancer - Suzahna of Atlanta, Georgia brings knowledge of dance styles from around
the world to her students and audiences.

Desert Rain Tribal Belly Dance - Desert Rain provides the Northern Colorado community ATS classes, dance and costume workshops, performances and more. 

CAJISA Tribe - CAJISA Tribe is from the Boston area, bringing together moves from American and Egyptian belly dance, as well as Indian, African and Gypsy-inspired dance.

Blue Moon Belly Dance - Blue Moon Belly Dance's beautiful site profiles their blend of exciting and original world fusion choreography, tribal style improvisation and live music that is unique on the Raleigh-Durham dance scene.

Astryd deMichele, Middle Eastern Dance Artist - Astryd's site contains information regarding her upcoming workshops,
performances and ongoing classes as well as articles, events and links

Shadia Dahlal, Tulsa, OK- Shadia Dahlal and the Purple Roses of Cairo Middle Eastern Dance and Theater Company is the only professional company of its kind in all of Oklahoma. Shadia and the Roses are the only authentic company in Tulsa presenting Arabic style dance and theater.

Brandon's Oasis -  Site for bellydance happenings in the Washington, DC/Baltimore area and home of OASIS & TROUPE OASIS-an online bellydance world championship competition.

Atea's Magical Motion Bellydance - Videos, video clips, photos, dance articles, & more

Rossah's Bellydance Site

Khafif Middle Eastern Music and Dance - Pittsburgh-based music and dance performance company

El Mishaal School of Belly Dance - Lebanese and Egyptian Modern Style Bellydance. Fun, exciting and energetic!

Belly & Gypsy Dance by Elayna - Teaching, performing and choreographying in the South San Francisco Bay Area

Chandani Dance Troupe - Ithaca, NY

Tribal Rhythm - Information on Tribal Rhythm Bellydance Studio and Tribal Rhythm Dance Troupe based in Texas, this site also includes a Belly Dance Resource Guide including History of the dance, Costuming and Props.

Seven Veils

Helena Vlahos -the originator of coin tricks

Tina Sargent's Raks Radio - Online Radio Station from Seattle's own Tina Sargent.

IsirisDance-Bellydance for Body and Soul - Talented and creative dancer, innovator and teacher of MotherDance-Bellydancing thru Pregnancy and senior member of the Serpentine Sword Dancers troupe

Bellydancing by Zamoras

The Gypsy Caravan Website - Fabulous Tribal Belly Dance and Music Troupe from Portland. Be sure to check out the Caravan Souk!

The Fat Chance Belly Dance Website - The infamous Tribal Belly Dance troupe from San Francisco! Be sure to check out their online catalogue!

Katia - Original and inspiring, Katia of Albuquerque is a seminar instructor, video producer, and spectacular performer.

Tala's Middle Eastern Dance Homepage - Grab bag of dance stuff: patterns, links, pictures, poems, etc.

Kookie Kaftan - UK based site on Belly Dance; information pages and Bazaar

Sandra's Middle Eastern Bellydance in the San Francisco Bay area - This website includes information about Sandra, a performer and instructor based in Palo Alto, California, with lots of photos and costume tips.

Maharah - Pacific Northwest Middle Eastern dancer & performer. 

Maya Gaorry - The magic of belly dance. Information about belly dance and
the Brazilian teacher and belly dancer Maya Gaorry and lessons in Italy, workshops and shows all over the world. Site in many
languages, you can find lesson on-line, e-cards."

Rachel Brice - Beautiful and talented dancer from the San Francisco Area.

Romani Dance - Urban Tribal Belly Dance from San Francisco.

Ultra Gypsy - Cutting edge tribal belly dance troupe from San Francisco.

The Bal-Anat Website - Jamila Salimpour's legendary dance troupe from San Francisco.

In Step Studio, multicultural dance studio

Jane Archer's Circle Network - Jane Archer's troupe, Portland, OR.

Arabesque Studios - Description - Home to Arabesque Dance Company and the Arabesque Academy school of Middle Eastern dance, history, and music.

Conchi, Little Package of Dynamite -  Performer and instructor Arabic/Greek style Belly Dance. Director of troupe

Asata - Instructor & Performer dedicated to the inclusion of women of color, women with self-esteem & full-figured women in Belly Dance. Based in Richmond, California.

Melantha's Belly Dancing - Belly Dancing in Central Queensland, Australia. Photo Gallerys,
Animations Veils of Arabia Belly dnace Supplies

Belly Dancing with Delilah, A beautiful website featuring Instructional Videos, DVD's, music CD's,
Visionary Dance Retreats and events, costumes for sale, supplys,
fasinating philosophy and perspectives and more. 

Maria - Boulder, CO

Zenuba - Oklahoma City, OK

Tav Creations - & Belly Dancing for Fun

Afra Al-Kahira - Teacher & Performer of Middle Eastern Dance in the UK & Europe, Organiser of the annual Celebrating Dance Festival.

Narah's Tribal Bellydance - Narah bint Durr, performer, instructor and Khafif troupe member, dedicated to the arts of Tribal Bellydance in all its forms, presents information on bellydance history, costuming, benefits, FAQ's, as well as her performance and class information.

Meleea - Meleea is a teacher, performer, and costume designer.

The Samara Dancers - We are based in Kitsap county, Washington and perform a fusion of dance movements from many Middle Eastern, North African and Indian countries for a variety of faires, festivals, and theater events.

Joy of Belly Dancing -  This page was created to inform, educate and be a source of this wonderful dance form we love.

Tahya -  Performer, Teacher, Retreat Facilitator who currently resides in the Lehigh Valley of eastern Pennsylvania ~ has been continually teaching
and performing since 1977, offering classes to awaken one's inner creativity while emphasizing the music, drumming and dance of ancient
traditions steeped in ritual.

The Habiba Studio - Site of Philadelphia-based dancer Habiba, performer and  teacher of Egyptian Raqs Sharqi and Egyptian and Tunisian folkloric dance.

Angelena - Northern California performer and instructor of bellydance and Middle Eastern music and composer/director for The Seventh Veil Ensemble.

Alina Middle Eastern Dance Artist - Belly dance performer and instructor in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.  For information on performances, classes, and all things belly dance, please feel free to visit my web site.

Alimeh and Austin bellydancers -  A personal site of photos and thoughts

Zehara - Britain's largest Belly Dance site.-  Interesting and authoritative information on belly dancing and about the Urban Gypsies - Britain's leading Tribal Belly dance group.

The Zuri Middle Eastern Dance Troupe of Mobile, AL The Zuri Middle Eastern Dance Troupe performs Middle Eastern dance specializing in traditional Egyptian and Turkish routines.

Monica and Raks Sahibat - San Francisco dancers offering weekly shows and classes.

Asha Belly Dancers - Asha Belly Dancers are a folkloric dance troupe from Reno, Nevada.

Melantha's Belly Dancing

Zaina's Website

Homesite for Davina aka - Dawn Devine Brown - Author - Costumer - Dancer - Historian --  Author of books on designing and making
Middle Eastern belly dance attire.

Raqs with Kashmir - A wide range of information from safe dance practices to Middle Eastern backgrounders, from "how to" tips to editorial rantings.

Jessica Dances - The original [O.G.] creator of "Neo-Egyptian" dance style - mixing ethnotechno music with "late 60's-early 70's" soul-dancing with oldschool Egyptian style bellydance using the "float" technique

Philadelphia Tribal Bellydance - American Tribal Style Troupe based in the Philadelphia, PA area offering classes, seminars, and performances

Palika and Heavy Hips Tribal

Dondi Dahlin




Flaming Sands Academy


Meridian Dance Company

Tribal Muses

Desert Shadows of Desert Dance Studio - Lafayette, Louisiana Based Dance Troupe and Belly dance Studio

Atlantis - Tribal Atty in Ireland

Samira Shuruk

Sonya - Chicago

Shawna of Natyahara


Tulsa Gypsy Fire


Solace/Eventide Music Productions

Regional Sites

Nadiyah's - Eastern Washington

NADI - Eastern Washington

The Middle Eastern Dance Association of BC

Professional Bellydancers UK a link to the website of Ishtar, a performer and teacher in Houston, TX.

Regina Association of Middle Eastern Dance

Yslisabeata and the Neferu Dance Collective Society - Professional Raqs El Sharqui & Egyptian Folkloric Instruction, Turkish &
Egyptian Orchestra Canada's only society of Ancient Egyptian Dance & Cultural Recreation

Orlando Bellydance - This site features dancer Suspira of Orlando, Florida as well as a growing directory of dancers from around the country.  Also includes general and helpful information about everything pertaining to Middle Easten Dance.

Middle-Eastern Dance in New England -  One sentence description about your website that you would like posted on my site. This site lists information about teachers, classes, performances, and other events for Middle-Eastern dance, or belly dance, in New England.

NC Belly Dance - A resource for Middle Eastern dance and music in North Carolina.

Wiggles of the West/Two Old Bags Wiggles of the West Belly Dance Contest is a 3 day contest held in Reno, Nevada in July. Seven categories, workshops, and fantastic shopping!! Plus a bonus day on Thursday featuring 2 workshops and a "Meet & Greet" Hafla with live music to dance to. Please check out our web site and join us in Reno in July.

SCA Poet's Site

Southwestern Virginia Middle Eastern Dance Association - SWVAMEDA is an informal group of students, teachers, and performers of Middle
Eastern Dance and American Tribal Style Belly Dance in and around Southwestern

Dance Resources

DanceChristina - Portland Area Belly Dance Resource

Shira's Website - Shira has one of the most comprehensive websites on Middle Eastern Dance that I have come across on the net. Very Informative!

Ibexa Press -  Publisher of books on dance costume design including "Costuming from the Hip," "From Turban to Toe Ring," and "Embellished Bras"

Costumer's Notes - Quarterly e-zine devoted to Middle Eastern belly dance costuming. 

Middle Eastern Dance - Middle Eastern Dance is a great online resource for almost everything belly dance.

Orientale Dance - Online Resource

Bellydance Museum